Blacklist Application Vendors

How Does it Work?

Our Transaction Rule Engine allows you to take your organization's spend into your own hands. With the Rule Engine, you can hand-pick application vendors that will be used within your organization. A transaction from any other application vendor outside this hand-picked selection will be auto-declined on your Quolum Card.

This way, Quolum’s Rule Engine allows you to govern your procurement system.

Example Rules:

“Tom should never buy Canva and LucidChart”
“Marketing Team should only be allowed to spend on Google Ads”
“I don’t want anyone in my company to buy Lumen Inc. products”

Who Can I Enable Rules for?

  • We can enable rules for Individual Cards (eg. Tom cannot spend on Zoom, Loom, or Asana)
  • We can enable rules for Teams (eg. Only Facebook and Google Ads spends allowed for your Marketing Team)
  • We can enable rules for the Organization (eg. Acme Inc. had a security-related incident, I want to block everyone from my organization from purchasing Acme Inc. for the next 12 months)

How Do I Enable a Rule?

Just send us an email to [email protected] with the details of the Rule you want to create.

How Long Does It Take for a Rule to be Enabled?

It usually takes up to 24 hours to enable a Rule. In certain cases, our team may reach out to you to understand the business case of the Rule before enabling it. A confirmation email will be sent as soon as the Rule has been enabled.

Why Did a Transaction Still Go Through?

The transaction ecosystem is evolving with Merchants constantly changing their identification for transactions. While we try to ensure that we block all charges by merchants, in some cases a transaction may go through. Quolum will ensure that in these cases, subsequent transactions are blocked