Quolum enables you to manage your SaaS Spend by tracking expenses and utilization. It helps you get granular visibility by triangulating:

  1. Expenses from your Finance systems
  2. Feature utilization data from SaaS apps
  3. Login activity from Identity and Access Management systems

Core Features

  • A unique SaaS spend a card to help you manage SaaS application buying by giving you control to build your own spend rules
  • A dashboard to visualize SaaS spend and utilization across an organization, team, and people.
  • Quolum's ready to authenticate app Integrations that help connect natively to a growing catalog of SaaS applications, IAM (Identity and Access Management systems), and finance applications.
  • Support of GSuite, Azure AD, and Okta as a source of the corporate user directory.
  • Quolum's app catalog of over 15,000 SaaS apps across 500+ categories to seamlessly discover applications in your organization.
  • Insights and Recommendations on an ongoing basis to help remain compliant, prevent duplicate application buys, and mitigate risks.

Example Use case

The following is an example of how one of our customers uses Quolum:

  1. The customer organization has grown to 100 employees. Driven by agility, the organization's team members have purchased several applications using their corporate credit cards or signed paper contracts.
  2. A few employees have left the organization, whereas a few have moved onto other projects.
  3. While the employees have moved on, the tools they bought are being under-utilized and not utilized in many cases. However, their credit cards are still being charged.
  4. Quolum connects to their IAM and discovers active tools. It connects to their expense systems and identifies what is being paid. Then it connects to many applications natively to discover the depth of their utilization.
  5. Quolum crunches the data and makes several recommendations.

Getting Started with Quolum

A simple, no-frills way to get started is to signup with our Free Plan. The Free Plan offers a limited number of connected SaaS apps and corporate directories to authenticate. You can also request a demo to help you get started.