Introduction to Quolum managed app integrations

After logging into Quolum, you can authorize multiple SaaS apps to get granular visibility into usage trends from login to feature-level utilization. The end-game of authorizing these apps is to allow Quolum to make API calls on your behalf without using your admin username and password. We have done the necessary wiring behind the scenes to make a large bouquet of SaaS apps work with Quolum.

In a perfectly orchestrated sequence of steps, you tell an app, to give Quolum a token, or the app gives you a token that you copy and paste into a form field in Quolum. Modern SaaS applications support protocols that enable third-party vendors like Quolum to easily access your data using public APIs while authenticating with the token provided by the customer of that SaaS application.

Quolum supports more than 100 SaaS apps. The documentation for each app outlines steps taken to authenticate these apps. While most of them are very similar, but a few apps have their own nuance of collecting additional data beyond the industry-standard protocols.

The Quolum team loves doing these integrations, and we have built a whole infrastructure consisting of tracks, stations, angle coupling, air brakes, and a whole yard to keep the rolling stock moving. However, at times, one of the many moving parts may succumb to its metallurgic brittleness making us come out with a repair job and causing a halt.

You can use the navigation on the sidebar for instructions specific to each SaaS app.