SaaS Invoice Aggregation

A repository for all your invoices

What is Invoice Aggregation?

In order for your Finance Team to close their accounting books, they must match every transaction made with a corresponding invoice. Generally, Finance Teams are sent these invoices in bulk and without context periodically. They must then manually map each invoice to the corresponding transaction. Some companies will have thousands of transactions every month, so this process becomes a major time sink for finance teams.
Quolum's Invoice Aggregation helps solve this problem

How does Invoice Aggregation help?

Quolum solves this problem by automatically attaching invoices to a unique transaction. This ensures the following:

  • Finance teams save time - They no longer need to comb through all invoices and find the appropriate one for the transaction, instead they can click through and see the invoice along with the transaction.
  • Increased clarity - Invoices are often unclear and sometimes it is hard to identify the product which was purchased. Quolum makes it very clear, which product and which transaction the invoice is for. This is done by showcasing the invoice against the transaction and its relevant product in the catalog.

What do I need to do to see my invoices against the transaction?

You have the following three options:

  1. Add [email protected] as the billing communication email id on your digital products. This will ensure all invoices are auto-sent to Quolum by the merchant for processing without your intervention.

  2. You can forward the invoices to [email protected] Once an email is sent to [email protected], our system will auto-detect the merchant, organization, and other meta-data and map the invoice to the right transactions

  3. You can also upload the invoice manually from the Quolum dashboard from Documents or from the App Details section

How long until I can view the invoice I uploaded?

Invoices will be available within 48 hours of it being available to Quolum.

Which invoices can I upload?

You can upload invoices associated with transactions using the Quolum SaaS expense card. Our system will map each invoice to a transaction. If a transaction is not found against an invoice, it will not be mapped.

What is the email address to send the invoices to?

[email protected]