Okta is the leading independent identity provider. The Okta Identity Cloud enables organizations to securely connect the right people to the right technologies at the right time. Okta provides simple and secure access to people and organizations everywhere, giving them the confidence to reach their full potential.

Signing up with Okta as an IDP

Once you land on the Quolum landing page, click on Sign up with Okta.


Quolum Sign up

Step 1: Okta Signup page

Here one needs to fill in Client ID, Client Secret and Primary Identity provider. The details to find these are listed in the subsequent steps.


Okta Sign up oage

Step 2: Finding Client ID, Client Secret and Primary Identity provider

  1. Log in to your Okta Account.
  2. Click on "Applications" on the left nav bar.

Okta Applications Subtab

  1. Click on create new Application as shown in the below image

Okta Applications

  1. Choose OIDC - OpenID Connect

Okta App creation page

  1. Name the application as "Quolum SaaS Spend Management".

Okta App starting page.

  1. For Client acting on behalf of user, select only "Authorization Code"

Okta Quolum Grant Type

  1. Please add the below 2 urls in signin redirect URL's

Okta Quolum Redirect URL's

  1. Then choose your Controlled access. We recommend you to choose Allow everyone in your organization to access. If you are well versed in Control access you can limit access to selected groups depending on whom you want to see the information

Okta Control Access

  1. Once you click on save, you will be able to see the apps setting page, where you can find Client ID and Client secret as shown in the images below.

Okta Client ID and general page settings.


Okta Client Secret

  1. Your Primary Identity provider is thefirst part of your url once you log in into Okta. It is generally followed by .okta.com. The general format of the primary identity provider is of the form - .okta.com. An example is shown below. The highlighted part is the in the below example

Okta Primary Identity Provider