Roles and Teams

What are the different roles in the Quolum application?

Quolum has the following roles:

  • Organization Admin. Has full read and write access to the Quolum application. An Admin can invite other co-workers to become an Admin.
  • Manager. A Manager of Team(s). Responsible for approving cards and purchases. Has full read and write access to the activities of the team members.
  • Employee. An employee has access to their own activities such as card management, viewing transactions, view utilization.
  • Member. A member has limited access to the Quolum application. A member can complete a task and report usage for an application.

How can I invite other co-workers?

Various features such as card creation, reporting usage, application connection have action buttons to invite a co-worker to complete the task. You can initiate the invitation, choose a co-worker, and an email would be sent to them to complete the steps.

Can I invite co-workers who are a part of a different domain?

Invitation to your Quolum organization is possible for users who are not a part of the domain from which you have signed up for your Quolum Account. These users (generally from external agencies, consultants, etc.) once invited will be able to login to the Quolum dashboard using an email-based OTP mechanism.

Who can I assign as the Manager in a Team?

The manager of your department is the best bet!