Roles and Teams

What are the different roles in the Quolum application?

Quolum has the following roles:

  • Organization Admin. Has full read and write access to the Quolum application. An Admin can invite other co-workers to become an Admin.
  • Manager. A Manager of Team(s). Responsible for approving cards and purchases. Has full read and write access to the activities of the team members.
  • Employee. An employee has access to their own activities such as card management, viewing transactions, view utilization.
  • Member. A member has limited access to the Quolum application. A member can complete a task and report usage for an application.

How can I invite other co-workers?

Various features such as card creation, reporting usage, application connection have action buttons to invite a co-worker to complete the task. You can initiate the invitation, choose a co-worker, and an email would be sent to them to complete the steps.

Who can I assign as the Manager in a Team?

The manager of your department is the best bet!