SaaS Invoices

How can I share a SaaS invoice?

As an admin you can share an invoice using the following ways :

  • Quolum Email(manual): All the documents can be shared as an attachment to ‘’[email protected]’’ for auto-processing
  • Auto-Forwarding: You can set up auto-forwarding of emails with ‘’Invoices’’, ‘’receipts’’ or ‘’contracts’’ within your email client(e.g. Within Gmail) to forward automatically to ‘’[email protected]’’ upon receipt
  • Forward through Vendor App: Some apps allow us to add multiple emails(under the Billing Address) where they would send ‘’Invoices’’ and ‘’Receipts’’. Add ‘’[email protected]’’ into that option along with your finance/other email id, so that these documents reach both these places without manual intervention
  • Through Quolum Dashboard : Navigate to ‘’Documents >> Invoices >> Upload’’ and upload the invoice or receipt directly from your Quolum Dashboard (screenshot below)
  • Through Quolum Dashboard: You can also go to ‘’Apps>>Click on the specific app>>Invoices>>Upload here’’ to upload an ‘’Invoice’’ or ‘’Receipt’’ directly into your Quolum dashboard (screenshot attached)
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Where can I view the SaaS invoices?

You can view the SaaS invoices in the Billings section for the whole organization or you can navigate to the Documents section and find the "Invoices" tab.

Why can't I simply forward the invoices?

You can forward all invoices and receipts to [email protected] and we'll have it ready on your dashboard in no time!