Spending Limits

Is Quolum a credit card?

No. Quolum SaaS Card is a charge card. You will be depositing a dollar amount as per your spend requirements for th e month and at the end of the month, any balance in the card will be carried over for the next month which can be used for future transactions.

How do you arrive at my spending limit?

During the KYB process, we use your bank account's balance to arrive at a spending limit. We look at the balance a few times every month.

What is the spending limit on my card?

Login to the Quolum dashboard. Navigate to the Cards section on the left panel. You will see the spending limit on your card at the top of this section.

How can I change the spending limit on my card?

We assign a fixed spending limit on the card of each individual in the organization. This is based on the organization's connected bank account. To edit the limit an Organization Admin will need to login to the Quolum dashboard. Head to Cards --> Scroll down to the individual cards list--> click on the three dots button against a particular card/user--> Edit Card Limit

Where can I see the spending limits for my organization?

If you are the business owner or admin, you can see it on the Quolum dashboard. Login and follow the "Cards" section . The organizational spending limit is listed right below your individual card spend details(if you have one).