Transaction Failures

Will my Card Transactions fail?

Your Quolum Card is used for your Organization's SaaS/Cloud and digital purchases. While most of the card transactions will complete successfully, there could be some cases when they get declined.

What are the reasons for failure and how do I fix them?

Reason for FailureDescriptionHow to Fix
Organization's monthly transaction limit exceededIf your Organization's monthly spend limit has exhausted, the transaction will fail.Reach out to us on [email protected] to get your limit modified.
Your SaaS Card's monthly spend limit exceededIf your SaaS Card's monthly spend limit has exhausted, the transaction will fail.Contact your Manager or Organization Admin to increase your spend limit.
Transaction blocked due to SaaS application blacklistIf your Organization or SaaS Card has a rule to blacklist the said merchant, all transactions from that merchant will get declined.Contact your Manager or Organization Admin to remove the merchant from blacklist.
Card suspended or terminatedIf your card is Suspended or Terminated, all future transactions from the card will be declined.If your card is suspended, contact your Manager or Organization Admin to Unlock the card.

If your card is terminated, create a new card.
Not a digital merchantThe transaction will be blocked if the purchase is not a valid SaaS/Cloud or digital product.Contact us on [email protected] with the details. If the merchant is found to be valid, we will unblock the merchant for future retries by the merchant.
Incorrect SaaS Card detailsIf the card details entered are incorrect, the transaction will be declined.Ensure the following details are entered correctly:
1. Cardholder Name
2. Card Number
3. CVV
4. Card Expiry
Incorrect Zip enteredWhen adding your card to file, if you enter the incorrect address/zip in the billing information page the transaction may fail.Please ensure you enter the valid address and zip code as provided with your card on the Quolum dashboard.
IP / Country specific merchant rulesThere may be times when a merchant blocks transactions originating from certain geographies as a part of their Terms and Conditions.Contact us on [email protected]
We will contact the merchant to help unblock the card.
Fraudulent transactionIf the network (Visa) deems a transaction to be fraudulent, the transaction will get declined.Contact us on [email protected]